„Political realism” as a means of reflexive management in global hybrid warfare
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Akademia Sztuki Wojennej, Warszawa, Polska
Publication date: 2023-08-10
Bezpieczeństwo Narodowe 2023;42(1):139-162
Despite the narrative adopted by some politicians or columnists, attempts to create a political realism-romanticism opposition (understood by „realists” as warmongers) do not actually have much to do with understanding the proper theory of political realism. Even referring to Hans Morgenthau, and to some extent to John J. Mearsheimer, it is possible to demonstrate the fallacies in the arguments of those who advocate making peace with Russia as soon as possible and limiting aid to Ukraine. In particular, the thesis that Russia does not manifest imperialist tendencies and is only supposed to defend its status quo is false. The assumption of „realists” questioning the axiological view of the conflict should also be considered false. The war in Ukraine is not a war for spheres of influence and interests, but a clash between democratic reality and the authoritarian imperialism that threatens it. The clash between the two orders has also taken the form of global hybrid warfare, of which psychological and informational operations and reflexive control are an important part. The use of the concept of „political realism” to create a false image of war, a pacifist narrative favorable to Russia and the creation of fear, including nuclear fear, is an important part of these reflexive management operations. The article analyzes this problem based on a selected narrative in the Polish information space.
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