Review Process and Rules

  1. All submitted articles undergo a review process. The procedure follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science.
  2. Preliminary formal and content-related evaluation of texts is carried out by the Editorial Team before they are sent for external reviews.
  3. Texts which do not follow the uniform rules of publication in the National Security Quarterly will not be accepted by the Editorial Team.
  4. Reviewed articles are assessed by at least two independent reviewers who are not members of the Editorial Board.
  5. The selection of reviewers is made by the Editorial Team.
  6. In the case of texts written in a foreign language, at least one of the reviewers should be affiliated with a foreign institution.
  7. The reviewing procedure takes place in a double-blind review process - the Authors and Reviewers do not know each other's identities. In exceptional and justified cases, it may take place in an open mode. In such cases, a conflict of interest must be excluded, which is considered to be the following between the Reviewer and the Author:
    a. direct personal relationships (kinship, legal ties, conflict, etc.),
    b. professional subordination,
    c. scientific collaboration during two years preceding the review,
    d. personal welfare of the parties.
  8. The review is in writing and concludes with a recommendation to accept or reject the article.
  9. A positive review does not preclude the reviewer from formulating conditions necessary for the publication of the text (necessary corrections).
  10. A negatively reviewed article may be accepted for publication after the Author takes into account the comments and suggestions of the Reviewer.
  11. Two positive reviews mean acceptance of a given text for further publishing procedure. In the case of one positive and one negative review, the decision to continue work on the text shall be made by the Editor-in-Chief.
  12. In the case of two negative reviews, the text shall be rejected.
  13. The criteria for qualifying or rejecting an article are included in the review form.
  14. The review may be done electronically.
  15. Reviews are made available to the Author after deletion of the Reviewer's identifying information.
  16. After receiving an article for review in case of inability to complete the review, the Reviewer should as soon as possible notify the Editor of the withdrawal from the review.
  17. Once a year the Editor publishes a list of Reviewers. The Reviewer has the right to reserve his/her personal data, which will not be made public.
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