About the quarterly

The National Security Bureau (BBN) is the founding body and the Publisher of the National Security Quarterly journal.

The Head of the National Security Bureau supervises the journal in terms of compliance with the law and the mission of the established journal.

The Head of BBN is the Chairman of the Scientific Council.

The Scientific Council of the journal exercises, in terms of the scientific content, an opinion and advisory function to the Editorial Board of the journal.
The tasks of the Scientific Council include in particular:
  • overseeing the scientific (content) level of the journal;
  • in consultation with the Editorial Board, to determine the directions and areas of research to be given priority in the publication process;
  • supporting and promoting the journal in scientific circles at home and abroad.

The members of the Scientific Council are appointed and dismissed by the Head of the National Security Bureau.

The initial version of the journal is the printed version.

The electronic version is published in the form of open access, and manuscripts are posted under an open licence (Creative Commons).
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